Podcasting Tips

If you’re an aspiring Radio Presenter, there’s an incredible opportunity available for you to be boosting your online portfolio of work. It’s called Podcasting! It’s such a fantastic way for great personalities to get more content out there into the world, and under a format freer than you’ll find on most radio.

The Podcast Host

Find A Niche The first thing to decide on is how your podcast is going to differ from everybody else’s. There’s still so many opportunities for you to make a popular podcast but you need to research what is out there and find your niche. You might have a similar topic to another presenter, but how can you add a different angle to your podcast.

Demo Tips

Creating a demo is one of if not the hardest part of breaking into radio. It means you having to sit through hours of material to try pick out what showcases your abilities the best and condense it into a 2-3 minute package, all the while trying to second guess what a programme boss at a radio station would like to hear.