Podcasting Tips

Want to be a Podcaster?

Read the advice & tips from The Podcast Host if you need help getting started or you would like to grow your podcast audience.

If you’re an aspiring Radio Presenter, there’s an incredible opportunity available for you to be boosting your online portfolio of work. It’s called Podcasting! It’s such a fantastic way for great personalities to get more content out there into the world, and under a format freer than you’ll find on most radio. You only need to look at the current top Podcast Charts across Spotify and Apple Music to find lots of popular radio personalities who have branched out into podcasting. And most UK radio stations are already making listen again content like radio show highlight podcasts for listeners who cannot listen in live.

What should I podcast about? You should start by thinking about what you love to chat about. If you already make a speech radio show or if you already do a specialist music show, this might be easy. Perhaps you have a hobby in life that you haven’t spoken about on Radio. The great thing about podcasting is you’ll find that even if your subject matter is super niche, there’ll always be an audience for you. And the more niche your idea is, the lower the competition tends to be.

Planning is very similar to Radio Scripting is the first similarity you’ll come across. If you make a radio programme without scripting out your structure, you’ll find you won’t create a very good show. Unless you’re a superhero at winging it! Podcasting is the same. Yes, the premise behind podcasting is a solid ramble. But the more structure you give your podcast , especially before recording, the better your show will turn out. Timing is also quite important in podcasting, but you can be more flexible with it. It’s not the same as in radio where you might have an hour-long slot where you need to hit an hour exactly. But it is important to time your podcast to fit your audience. Podcasting lets you be creative in testing out varying timings to find the perfect length of show that suits your audience.

Growing An Audience One of the key differences between Radio and Podcasting is that, on the latter, you’re launching a new product from scratch. When you start a new show on radio, the station already has an audience, therefore giving you a base listenership you can build upon. Podcasting takes more patience and a bit more work growing your listenership. You’ll need to figure out the best places to promote your podcast, depending on the niche of your show.