Presenting Tips

Presenting is easy in principle, all you have to do is talk, how difficult can it be?! Well the answer, sometimes, can be very. You need to be compelling, composed and confident. You need to be relatable to your audience at all times and you need to learn to construct a link before you perform it on the air.

Radio Presenter

Radio Presenters are the voice of a station or programme, whether they work in speech-based or music Radio. They create the tone and style of radio output and establish a relationship with listeners. They may work for the BBC, commercial or community radio, on local or national stations, or for independent production companies.

General Tips

Radio is a very exciting world to work in but also a very difficult industry to get into, so here are a few general tips to help you try to take the next step forward: The very first tip to getting into radio is fairly simple but difficult to follow sometimes, NEVER GIVE UP!. Sometimes getting into radio is all about being in the right place