Producer Tips

If spending hours and hours to perfect a piece of radio content

If spending hours and hours to perfect a piece of radio content that will only be a minute in length on the air sounds perfect for you? Then you are a radio producer.

Behind every radio show is a radio producer pulling the strings and making sure everything works as it should. Expect...

  • To work long hours.
  • Plenty of meetings with various people and different departments in the radio station.
  • To arrange interviews and deal with the needs of guests.
  • To come up with creative and fun ideas ALL the time.
  • Spend hours working on production for the radio station and making sure everything sounds perfect.
  • To then upload that production into the play out system.
  • To be staring at computer monitors and audio editing programmes for hours on end.
  • To join in on the fun on air.
  • To do it all again tomorrow.

It is no exaggeration to say that a good radio producer is equally as important to a radio show as the presenters.

You will need to be very well organised and be able to prioritise as jobs and tasks will always pop up in need of your attention.

You will need to work well under pressure. You will not always have a day or two to produce a piece of work. Sometimes you will have just minutes.

You will need to be a good communicator. You will liaise with the presenting team, the programme bosses, the sales team, listeners and clients who wish to advertise on the station. You will need the ability to convey your ideas in a way that people can see and understand.

And you will need excellent production skills. Many presenters can edit and create content but you must do it to the highest of standards. A radio presenter's role is to bring words alive on the air and be compelling and interesting. Your challenge is exactly the same but you do it through production.

And you will also need the ability to make a great cup of tea.

There are many different challenges and tasks for a radio producer and most of it will not be seen by the public or appreciated by people in the radio station.

But if you wish to be one of the most key people in a radio station, then read the TOP TIPS from radio producers in radio today.