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Sports is one of the most passionate topics

Sports Presenter/Reporter Tips

Sports is one of the most passionate topics on any radio station for both listeners, and reporters and commentators. It divides opinion, it ignites debate and it can have enormous highs and lows - and right at the centre of it is you. The sports presenter/commentator.

Talking about sport and relaying what is happening appears to be easy from the outset. The content is there, you just have to talk about what you're watching and nothing more. But it couldn't be further from the truth.

Being a good sports presenter and commentator takes plenty of skill and it is a fine art.

You must have the ability to gather and absorb huge amounts of information and detail and be able to convey it to your listener in a succinct manner so it can be easily digested and understood.

Even more so as a sports commentator. Your eyes have to see the action, your mind has to take in the action and make sense of it while at the same time think about how to construct the dialogue to describe the action that is happening. You have to remain focused at all times.

You must paint pictures and do so in a compelling non predictable way. On TV the commentator can pause and not talk for 20 seconds as you can see what is happening. You do not need to be told. On the radio you have to paint pictures all the time. This is radio at its most powerful.

Your audience may be regular listeners to radio but when their sports team is in action, they are never more attentive to the speakers than when their team is playing and you are describing the action. Your words matter. Seriously matter.

You have to bring emotion to the action using your voice. Pitch and tone is never so important to describe anything than live sport. You have to reflect what is happening with your style and delivery. Passion and emotion are essential.

Presenters on a radio station have content that is planned and thought through. You have content that can change dramatically in seconds so you need to be a quick thinker and have the ability to react to the action.

You will also need the ability to conduct an interview and ask very pertinent questions to get the information that your audience desire. Same to be said of you if you are a sports presenter hosting a sports phone in. You must be able to communicate with your audience and be able to handle difficult questions and awkward annoyed listeners reacting to a negative result for their team.