The Podcast Host

The first thing to decide on is how your podcast

Find A Niche The first thing to decide on is how your podcast is going to differ from everybody else’s. There’s still so many opportunities for you to make a popular podcast but you need to research what is out there and find your niche. You might have a similar topic to another presenter, but how can you add a different angle to your podcast. For example, there are plenty of space podcasts out there, however we produce an audio drama combining learning with space called Hostile Worlds.

Plan Your Show Despite podcasting effectively just being a chat, a lot of planning goes into it. Much like a radio show, the better your planning before recording, the better the outcome. Plan out how you want your show to flow, and what you want to talk about. And before long,you’ll get into the swing of a committed length and format that your audience will love.

Treat It Like A Business Your podcast is effectively your brand and therefore you want it to sound professional from episode 1. The best way to do this is to plan out the structure you want for your podcast long-term, before your record your first episode. You might have sponsorship down the line when you have a large audience, but there’s nothing stopping you promoting your favourite products that you think your audience will like, on the first few shows. This shows future sponsors that you know how to sell a product well and gets your audience used to an advertising slot.

Promote Yourself By Promoting Others In a similar vein to our previous point, it’s always interesting to your audience to hear about things you like. This might not just be what you’re advertising. Talk about other Radio shows, podcasts or even media that you love and has inspired you. This gives you great content and allows you to forge relationships with those other shows and podcasts. Like in Radio, networking is so important.

Be Available Everywhere Once you’ve decided on a great idea and have recorded your first podcast, you need to get it out there so people can listen. It’s not just enough to put your podcast up on Soundcloud or Mixcloud, both popular for radio demos. You should be looking to get your podcast on as many directories as possible. Apple Podcasts (iTunes) is the most important and this is the first place you should be uploading your podcast to. You also need to think about Spotify. In such a short period of time it has become a major player in podcast listens. Make sure you have a link to your podcast on your blog or your social media and it’s available to listen to in as many places as possible.