Voiceover Tips

Do you have a voice that has a nice deep velvety sound

Do you have a voice that has a nice deep velvety sound? Can you use pitch and tone to bring emotion and life to words? Can you work under pressure and take direction?

If so then a career as a voiceover artist may be for you?

Being a voiceover artist is one of the most competitive and difficult aspects of radio to break into and be successful in.

Many radio presenters and other industry professionals like to create extra income from being a voiceover artist which just adds to the level of competition you will face.

Mostly all voiceover artists have studios & recording equipment and run their business from the comfort of their own home so if you want to be a voiceover artist then this is one thing you will definitely have to consider.

Then we get to the most important aspect of being a voiceover artist, your voice. It is an instrument and you will need to master it.

You must be able to use pitch and tone to bring words alive. You are more than just a voiceover artist, you are a performer. You will be reading from a script and will be under instruction of the style and type of delivery required. So you will have to add emotion and life into the scripts you read.

The best way to do this is practice, practice and more practice. Record yourself, listen back and analyse. Listen to how other voiceover artists perform. Listen & learn. Where possible read the same script and try to do the same. Record, listen, learn and improve.

The ability to work in a pressurised environment is vital. You must learn to deliver efficiently and handle deadlines. If it takes you 20 takes then you may not be used again.

Direction. You will get lots and you must be able to take it on board and deliver what is required. Different scripts and different clients demand different styles. The bigger your repertoire, the more chance of you being a successful voiceover artist.

If you wish to break into one of the most competitive sides of radio then read some top tips from professional voiceover artists.